Green Practices & Social Responsibilities

Ulu Ulu Resort has committed to continuously improve and increase the list of green practices at our resort to be an example and bring awareness to our visitors.
Minimize Environmental Impact

We have minimal deep fried food on our menu to reduce usage of cooking oil

Stainless steel water bottle is available for sale at the resort to reduce disposable plastic bottle waste

Using of environmentally friendly shower gel and shampoo

All electrical lightings are low energy or LED

Our uniforms are quick-drying to minimise water usage for laundry

For Your Health

Our drinking water is filtered from the river and is not chlorinated

Our chicken meat that we serve are supplied from a local farm that doesn’t use hormones and antibiotics

Our signature welcome drink is made with locally sourced herbs

Food ingredients are locally sourced within the district and country

Helping The Local People

Directly and indirectly impact more than 30 families in the local communities through direct employment or sub-contract services

Our company encourages local employment so as to increase awareness on environmental conservation within the community

All our transport are subcontracted to local community

Our main laundry for housekeeping is subcontracted to a local family at a nearby long house

Using Natural Resources

Recycling cut grass, gardening shrubs, leftover vegetables and fruit peels into our compost heap

Recycling drift wood for our furniture deco

Using in-house pandan leaves and lemongrass as fresheners in the rooms and bathrooms

Utilising drift wood for woodcraft souvenirs’ pendant

Low lighting at the resort in the evening so as to not over-lit the surrounding natural environment