Brunei Nature Festival 2018: The Wild Side of Ulu Temburong

Brunei Nature Festival (BNF) is back again this year, highlighting the wild side of Ulu Temburong.

Brunei Nature Festival 2018 primarily aims to promote ecotourism and nature appreciation – particularly among the residents of Brunei Darussalam. This event presents an opportunity for all to experience the magnificent pristine rainforest of Brunei Darussalam.

The Ulu Temburong National Park boasts a multitude of unique wildlife calls, particularly of birds and frogs, and is home to various rare flora as old as many thousands of years. BNF 2018 brings biodiversity to you while at the same time shares the importance of working together to preserve the remaining natural heritage of Brunei and safe keep the integrity of the ecosystem.

Therefore, we invite all to participate in this event and stand a chance to win prizes in our nature-themed photo competition (Brunei residents only) and a number of educational, nature-based games, quizzes and contests such as mystery box challenge, coloring contest, bird call mimic contest, bird watching 101 and many more. Rare and exciting animals captured in their element on camera by professional and amateur photographers will be featured in our nature photography exhibit. Experience the thrill of being in a rainforest at night through a simulated rainforest night walk where you can get up close with some of the night critters in a striking visual display. Wildlife experts will be giving talks on their firsthand accounts with the Temburong flora and fauna for your education and amusement.

Daily Programs

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Grand Opening Programme

Photography Competition

Night Tunnel Walk

Night Tunnel Walk Information Sheet

Coloring Competition

Bird Sound Mimic Competition

Bird Watching 101


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