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Ulu Ulu Resort was established in November 2008 with the privatization of the facilities in Ulu Temburong National Park under the authority of the Forestry Department. This is a historical milestone in Brunei tourism as this is the first Public-Private Partnership (PPP) between a private sector and the Government of Brunei.

We are very pleased to be entrusted with the responsibility to manage the facilities of Brunei’s only National Park, the Ulu Temburong National Park. We would like to extend our sincere appreciation to the Government of Brunei in acknowledging our capabilities and further enhancing our company’s credentials.

“Ulu” in Brunei Malay language means remote or far away. Ulu Ulu Resort is the only remote destination in the whole country and is equipped with a good range of facilities.


Our philosophy is built around these principles:

1. Community-Directed Benefits – Our intention is for the community to directly benefit from the existence of UUR. We have outsourced of our land transportation to a local company in Temburong and we hire longboats from the Batang Duri villagers whose expertise in navigating the Temburong River are unparalleled.

Local employment and local food supplies are key to our organization intention and purpose.

2. Minimal Environment Impact – The National Park is one of the world’s best kept rainforest and has one of the highest levels of biodiversity. Such a jewel must be preserved and maintained and UUR has taken several initiatives in doing so.

* Low density: Keeping the accommodation limited to 17 rooms thereby keeping the volume of people staying at the resort low so the human impact is minimal.

* No Plastic Bottles. UUR provides all overnight guests with stainless steel bottles (filtered water is available for guests). Our intention is to stop all wastage of plastic bottles and reduce carbon footprints at the National Park.

* Recycling and Reuse of our containers, driftwood as crafts, composting, enzyme making are all part of how me minimize our impact in the resort.

* Composting: In addition, we practice food compost where food leftovers are mixed with enzyme and used as fertilisers for plants. We too do our own farming on selected vegetables and fruits to promote farming and to reduce carbon footprints on transportation.

* Toiletries: For shower, we provide eco-friendly hair shampoo and body wash to further promote environment protection.

3. Health of the Body, Mind & Soul – As a remote destination, UUR is disconnected from the digital world. There is no television to pass time, no mobile reception to check on work and no internet to check your e-mail. As the world grows towards modernization and globalization, more and more people have ‘lost’ the human connection with one another and became too busy to “go back to nature”.

Our concept here is to create an environment of zero electronic “distractions” and allow guests to use this valuable time to reconnect with one another. To be able to hear our own voice and mind.

The resort has committed to minimize deep fried food to provide a healthier menu and also to reduce the production of cooking oil wastage. We also ensure that our food have NO Added MSG, NO Recycled Oil, NO White Sugar, NO Artificial Colourings and NOT Processed Food. Some vegetables, herbs, fruits are grown at the resort (organic) and most menus served are “set meals” to discourage wastage. Vegetarian dishes are available upon prior request. We can also tailor-make wellness programme which includes activities like yoga, healthy juicing and serving of healthy food. Believing our body is our temple and being aware of what we eat.

This resort is one of the few places in the world where the eco-system remains intact and untouched. Only in such a pure environment that one can truly connect with our soul and be rejuvenated positively.Our rainforest cannot be built by men but was created by God and evolved untouched for millions of years.

Ulu Ulu Resort is two (2) hours from Brunei International Airport and is truly a place of hidden beauty and pure serenity. There is a wide selection of activities such as trekking, bird-watching, team building, kayaking, flora and fauna discovery or simply sitting back and indulging in the magical experience Ulu Ulu Resort and our team has to offer.

See you at Ulu Ulu!

Anthony Chieng
Ulu Ulu Resort
Brunei Darussalam.

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